GST Impact Analysis

GST Impact Analysis

Care to know how GST will impact your Business?

Let our Experts do it for you

Get expert assistance and understand how GST regime will impact your business, compliances and profitability.

Services Included

  • Business Process Study
  • Goods and Services Tax Impact Area Assessment
  • Business Process and IT Infrastructure Change Requirement Study
  • Suggestions and Remedial Actions
  • Compare Impact Assessment Report

What is in this service?

This service is designed to ensure businesses understand how GST is going to impact their operations, cost, revenue and profitability, working capital needs, IT Infra, Reporting Requirements etc.

Our Experienced experts will advise you on the impact of GST on your business, they will chalk out recommended changes to systems and processes, with will enable you to take informed financial decisions.

Scope of this Service

  • Assessment of Business processes and impact of GST
  • Current vs Proposed Tax Liability
  • Current vs Proposed Reporting Structure and Requirements
  • IT Infra Assessment (ERP and other reporting systems)
  • Identification and Assessment of Tax Rates and Tax Liability on Various Business Transactions
  • Future Profitability Forecast
  • Assistance in Data Migration
  • Cash Flow Impact Assessment various levels
  • Assistance in planning stock levels, procurement plans and Tax credit utilization