User Manual for GSTR 1 JSON and GSTR1 Summary from Offline Utility

1. Go to and Click on GSTR1: Excel Utility

2. Click on Download

3. Fill the Legal Name, GSTIN, Mail ID, Phone No and Click on Submit

4. You will receive an email notification. Please open the mail and Click on the link. You can find the utility in Downloads.

5. Enable Editing and Content. The data in the Basic Info sheet is prefilled, except the turnover details.

6. Instructions to fill the offline utility can be “found in the” Instructions Column.

7. Click on Sales and fill all the available data. Columns marked in Red colour have to be mandatorily filled.

8. Click on Purchases and fill the available data(Required only for GSTR3B and not for GSTR1)

Purchases data not required to generate GSTR1 JSON and GSTR1 Summary.

9. Click on Outward Supplies CDN and fill the details of credit notes.

10. Click on Inward Supplies CDN and fill the details of debit notes.

11. Click on Advances Receipt and fill the details of Advances.

12. Click on Docs Issued and Fill in the details of Nature of Document, Serial No. of Invoices, No. of Invoices Issued and No. of Invoices Cancelled and Net Issued Invoices.

13. Go to Basic Info sheet and enter the Valid Aggregate Turnover of Preceding Financial Year and Aggregate Turnover of April – June 2017 Quarter. Then Click on GSTR1 Summary.

14. GSTSTAR Utility will auto populate all the errors. Click on the respective error and correct all of them.

15. Once all the errors are corrected, Save the Utility again. Go to Basic Info sheet and Click on Generate GSTR1 Summary. You can see a quick view of the GSTR1 Summary.

16. Click on GSTR1 JSON and Save the JSON file

17. Go to and Log in with your credentials.

18. Go to Return Dash board > GSTR1 > Prepare Offline > Upload the JSON file

19. Once the JSON file is uploaded, You will find the following

Status   :Processed

Error Report    :NA

Once the JSON is uploaded successfully, Please go to GSTR1 > Prepare Online and complete the GSTR1 Return filing Process.

To Generate GSTR3B Summary from the Offline Utility, Fill in all the data and Click on Generate 3B.

Find the Summary under the GSTR3B Column. Use the data to file GSTR 3B.

We hope that we have given you a clear view of how to use the offline utility for GSTR-1 & GSTR-3B.
For any further queries please feel free to mail us at or call us at 080-40912427
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One thought on “User Manual for GSTR 1 JSON and GSTR1 Summary from Offline Utility

  1. Hi
    Wonderful excel utility.Consistent results till now.GR8 effort.
    For future add GSTR 3B(standalone) TO GSTSTAR as it appears to stay for considerable time so that for generation of reports we need not have to enter data to both excel n GSTSTAR

    Thanks Ton

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